Our Story

Hey it's Billy Jack!

(part farmer, part hippy, part family man - we love a good blend😉 )

Welcome to the Burns Family Farm in Arkansas. 

We're 4th generation on this 1400 acre farm, raising angus cattle for over 50 years!

As farmers, we wanted to change the dynamics of the way the cattle industry is being handled making it more efficient, sustainable and humane, while also giving you a high end product at a fair price. 


What Makes Farmer Jack Different:


👍🏼 Farmer Jack Approved Standards are superior to those of the USDA. 

👍🏼 We developed a model that is more efficient than the widely used models and doesn't produce waste. 

👍🏼 Our animal care is top notch, our cattle are never sold to feed farms, force fed or given steroids.  

👍🏼 Our cattle are Grass-Fed and Pasture Raised always. 

👍🏼 The end product is a blend of all the primal cuts of meat including Filet Mignon, Rib Eye, NY Strip Steak, Sirloin, Tenderloin etc. 

👍🏼 You're getting all your prime cuts at an amazing price point

👍🏼 Farmer Jack Ground Beef Blend has the purest most delicious tasting meat with the cleanest texture. 

👍🏼 We have cut out the middle men so we're able to control the entire process and give you the freshest, healthiest meat

This is the Future of Beef!

We want to feed America with American grown Beef!

The Original Farmer Jack on the Farm After The War